Wednesday, June 24, 2020

What's in a website?

The mystery of having, building, or having a website built for your company is a mystery in numbers.  Today, many websites are on display with broken links, incomplete content, draft template content, without proper tagging and worse yet, broken links.  

A website is this: it is your brand. Regardless of the amount of content you place on your site, if it is a "one pager" or "fifty-pager," stop, fifty pages is definitely a bit much so don't do that, the content must be accurate and complete in all respects.  If you build a site with a template site builder, you must, must, must go in to test mode and pretend you are a consumer.  Make sure all links work, all get more buttons function, all downloads work, all information collection forms work, etc. These details are the bare minimum expectation.  Keep in mind, wordiness is too much too so work on it and get to the point. Now, I'm headed back to my website now to shorten the talking down to the point.

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