Wednesday, June 24, 2020

What is Cybersecurity Awareness

Many news stories makes one sick, n’est pas?  What is the deal with the Cybersecurity word?  Where did it come from? Why is it a hot topic now?  

How can it be worth billions and trillions?

Crazy isn’t it?

Cybersecurity is a stiff techie re-branding of the fix for unsafe use and non-maintained computer, network, technology and anything electronics.  Today, technology is at the heart of government, business, shopping, healthcare and many other functions of life and this minor problem permeates all aspects. There are criminals too that have evolved in the way they spy and steal and bring havoc, hence the other word: hackers, hacking, hack, and hacked.  

Are you aware of the risks within your organization. Several people do not know the risks of having household chemicals collocated in the home is in of itself a hazard. The same scenario for cybersecurity awareness and securing your Intellectual property, sometimes it isn't a bad idea to have an outside expert have a look to help you become more aware.

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